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Each and every child is special in ways that we strive to recognize. These special qualities are the ones that must be allowed to flourish. Every child will be given the opportunity to develop in a creative and social environment within a safe and attentive atmosphere. Our curriculum is geared towards the achievement of self-expression in creative activities and will concentrate on cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development while allowing the child to have fun as they explore the exciting world around them.

Why Do People Choose Parkside Preschool?

Parent Involvement

Parents are invited to visit anytime. Close and consistent dialogue between teachers and parents help identify a child's progress.

Child Safe Facilities

The school consists of five large and sunny classrooms, rest rooms, an administrative office, and outside play areas.

Flexible Schedules

A schedule to meet your needs. Choose from two to five days per week. Early morning and extended day options are available.

Experienced Staff

A professional staff with many years of early child care education experience.

Newton preschool students learning about using drums from India

Learning from New Cultures

Parkside is Diverse and Welcoming

Children are constantly learning from each other. With its diverse student population, Parkside helps each child to know and understand diversity. The school is always looking for new ways to introduce different cultures through parent participation.

Parkside Preschool of Newton parents reading books to class

Parent Reading Visits

Friendly Introduction to Reading

Reading is fun for everyone; especially when it's a child's parent leading the class. Parkside is pleased to have on hand a very well stocked library of children's books and welcomes parents to stop by and join in.

Parkside Preschool students enjoying an art class with teacher in Newton, MA

Creativity is Fun

Art Projects Galore

A regular part of the school curriculum is creative expression through art. Parkside kids love it! Each year the staff organizes a very impressive art show. You would be surprised just how creative our children get when it comes to art.


Here are a few parent testimonials


A thumbs up testimonial from a Parkside Preschool parent

Ingrid B.

Newton, MA

A great experience for kids! As we arrived from France in the middle of the year, we were quite worried about finding a preschool that would welcome our 2 boys even if they were speaking only French. All the team at Parkside welcomed them so warmly. They enjoyed so much of their time there,doing a lot of fun and various activities in a peaceful and smiling environment. I highly recommed!

A thumbs up review from a Parkside Preschool parent

Stuart S.

Newton, MA

Wonderful, caring, nurturing environment. Our son has had a remarkable experience at Parkside, and as parents so have we. There are strong bonds between the teachers, terrific lines of communication between the teachers and the parents. As a parent I am going to miss the Parkside community once our son goes to kindergarten.

Another thumbs up comment from a Parkside Preschool parent

Liana B.

Boston, MA

Incredibly happy we made the decision to send our 3 year old twins to Parkside! The staff is wonderful and go above and beyond to give the kids a fun-filled experience with so much variety in what they do. Lots of creative art projects. I expected the transition from their old daycare to this new preschool to be tough, but our boys loved Parkside from basically day one. Also, quite affordable.

Parkside Preschool thumbs up review

Diana S.

Newton, MA

Parkside has been a place of nurturing, of fun, of blossoming spirits and precious friendships formed. Each of our kids has emerged from their years here radiant, excited about school and confident in themselves. Thank you for your love and for all you do to make this school a fabulous part of the foundation for young lives.

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